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Making Art and Memories for Life

“If you are good, life is good.” (1).png

Spotlight Kids Summer Camp offers a truly unique experience, where students delve into the enchanting world of theatre and self-expression. Our program is carefully crafted to foster individual growth and skill development in the theatrical arts.

Will you need to memorize lines? Absolutely! Will you need to be fully engaged and put in effort? Without a doubt! Will you have an absolute blast? You bet!

Our summer program, filled with singing, dancing, and acting, serves as a catalyst for your child's personal and artistic growth. Theatre isn't just about performing—it's about learning vital life skills such as collaboration, social interaction, responsibility, focus, and confidence.

Each day at our camp is packed with learning music, practicing scenes, mastering choreography, and getting hands-on with costume and prop making. Plus, we infuse educational theatre games to keep the fun and learning flowing!

Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of theatre or is a seasoned performer, they'll find a warm welcome at Spotlight Kids Summer Camp!

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