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Making Art and Memories for Life

“If you are good, life is good.” (1).png

Spotlight Kids summer camp is a one of a kind experience.  Students will experience the magic of theatre and self-expression. This program is built for each student to gain knowledge and develop new skills in the theatre arts. Will you need to learn your lines? Yes!  Will you need to be present in class and try hard?  Yes! Will you have a lot of fun?  Yes!  

Our summer of singing, dancing, and acting will encourage your child to grow not only as a performer but as a person. Theater teaches collaboration, social skills, accountability, focus, and confidence.  Throughout each summer camp day, our students will learn music, scenes and choreography towards our final show. They will also assist in costume in prop making and educational theater games!

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned performer, we welcome you!

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