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"Spotlight is amazing! There, I learned how to get rid of my inner stage fright with the help of Cynthia and Alex. I would give it a five star rating any day!"

"This program has completely changed both of my girls. They have much more confidence on stage and in life, and they have met great friends along the way! It's a great program with awesome instructors, too! Tryouts are Thursday! Come see what it's all about!"

"It's hard putting all of my gratitude into words. Spotlight has been a part of my life for 9 years now, and throughout those 9 years I've gotten the opportunity to choreograph, direct, make friendships that I know I'll have for the rest of my life, and grow as a performer and person. The skills spotlights teaches go beyond just musical theatre and performance training. Spotlight is a family of incredibly creative people who encourage each other every single day. I am forever thankful for the training and love I've been given from Cynthia Ashford and for the constant support from my Spotlight family."

"Spotlight Kids is a place where your child can be a part of something special while developing self confidence, making friends, and honing musical theater skills!"

"My daughter has been in many theater programs around town since the age of four. She is now 10 and decided to join Spotlight Theatre  Productions for the first time this year. This year I have watched her grow tremendously both vocally and theatrically. I have not seen this level of talent else where and I am astonished at the level of talent directors and students are able to bring forth. Not only has the training exceeded our expectations but the support and friendships she's established has been irreplaceable. We look forward to many more years with Spotlight and we consider the staff and fellow students family!"

"My daughter  has been with Spotlight Theatre Productions for 7 years and has not only grown as a performer, but as a student as well. Not only has she improved her singing, acting and dancing skills, but she has been given the opportunity to choreograph, direct a show and teach at the camps. Spotlight has grown into a second family and has formed bonds that will last a lifetime. She loves not only performing with her peers, but assisting and working with the younger students as well. Whether she ends up performing professionally, directing, teaching or doing something completely different she is learning team work, time management and professional skills that will definitely be used in her future."

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