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Spotlight Kids Weekly Troupes


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With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone's hearts

Spotlight Kid’s troupe work to hone skills that are vital to performing on stage. Students focus on creating believable characters and truthful actions for the stage. Students participate in a variety of fun exercises that work on physical control, human behavior, observations, and realistic actions and reactions. Through games and activities, students build a strong and caring ensemble and create an environment of trust where they can effectively explore, make big choices, and take risks. Students will experience all aspects of performing in a musical production including auditioning, singing, dancing, and acting. Students receive instruction in singing, choreography, characterization, and blocking. We will prepare routines to compete Access Broadway Competition in Orlando, perform at a Theme Park, and Finish off our year with a fully staged final performance for friends and family!

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Spotlight Senior Troupe

Our Senior Troupe is for High Schoolers

This Troupe rehearse on 

Mondays from 5-8

Tuition $135

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Spotlight Junior Troupe

Our Junior Troupe is for Middle Schoolers

The Juniors rehearse on 

Wednesday from 5:00-8:00

Tuition $135

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Spotlight Mini Troupe

Our Mini Troupe is for Elementary Students starting First Grade

This troupe rehearses on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30

Tuition $135

Expectations for the Actors

  •  Always Come Prepared

We expect kids to be on time and prepared for all rehearsals. That means having your script, pencil, highlighter, water bottle and anything else requested by your team to all rehearsals.

  • Working outside of Rehearsal

We expect that the kids will work on memorizing and practicing their lines and music outside of rehearsal. Even 20 minutes a day is going to help them be more prepared for rehearsals and their performances. We will give you music and videos to help with practicing outside of Spotlight.

  • Being Present

We expect that the kids will make it to as many of their rehearsals as possible, meaning please do not skip unless it is necessary, ie sickness, family emergency, a pre-planned trip, etc. 

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