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Spotlight is holding auditions for it's Broadway Show Troupe's production of Matilda Jr! The troupe will rehearse and perform the full show here in Sarasota and then take it to The Junior Theater Festival (JTF) in Atlanta, GA. JTF is one of the best gifts you could give to a theater loving youth! It has all the parts that makes theater great! Fun shows, rehearsals, friends, performances and a trip to the Biggest Theater Festival in the world! Spotlight has had many success at JTF including the top award of "Outstanding Production" and the "Showcase Award." Our students have won "Outstanding Performance by an Individual" and and the "Inspiration Award." Spotlight was invited to workshop a new show and present it to over 6,000 people! The fun never ends! Don't miss your chance to be a part of it! Visit our website for more information. www.spotlightkids.bizThis packet below and many links inside will give you all the information that you need! 

Video Auditions for Spotlight's Broadway Show Troupe are due by June 10th


Dance Audition Video Tutorial

Please submit a video of yourself performing one of these combinations. 
We are not looking for perfection, but to do your best and pick up as many steps as you can. Don't forget to perform it, tell your story, use your face! 

Rehearsal Tracks

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