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Experience Spotlight

Located in Sarasota, Florida, Spotlight has been welcoming actors of all ages to participate in a wide variety of productions and activities. We have a highly experienced staff to make sure children are taught acting in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Expectations for the Actors

 Always Come Prepared

We expect kids to be on time and prepared for all rehearsals. That means having your script, pencil, highlighter, water bottle and anything else requested by your team to all rehearsals.

  • Working outside of Rehearsal

We expect that the kids will work on memorizing and practicing their lines and scenes outside of rehearsal. Even half an hour a day is going to help them be more prepared for rehearsals and their performances. We will give you music and videos to help with practicing outside of Broadway Bound.

  • Being Present

We expect that the kids will make it to as many of their rehearsals as possible, meaning please do not skip unless it is necessary, ie sickness, family emergency, a pre-planned trip, etc.

Contact Us

4350 17th St, Sarasota, FL 34235 (this lociation is only open during classes)

941-400-2144 (text only please)

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